Lincoln, NE + Cornhusker Football

What Cornhuskers do to Kansas State fans

What Cornhuskers do to Kansas State fans

If that doesn’t get you pumped for a new blog post, I don’t know what will! I’ll explain below…but first…

I’ll come clean. It’s been a really long time. Like a fat kid polishing off his 12th Krispy Kreme, I told myself we’d never get to this point, and now we’re here. Well, we’re not quite here. This isn’t a blogspot page about my cat with the last update from Nov. 2006. But still, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted.

Two distinct things have happened since my last effort:

1. I went to the Phish festival in California and came back with Swine Flu. I think (not that I’d know seeing as how Obama hasn’t given me health care yet, so I’m guessing). Knocked me out for awhile, that stuff is no joke.

2. Got really, really busy with I can now see why people with real jobs sometimes forget to update their fantasy sports rosters. They’re busy! My job involves sitting in front of a computer all day and occasionally interviewing people. I make my own hours. Yet, I still haven’t had a post in awhile. That’s how you know I’m busy.

So, while isn’t paying me millions, stuff is definitely happening, and I’m excited about it. Being entrepreneurial is as interesting as it is scary, and one day, I’ll have to write about it.

Until then, check out a new post I wrote about my first Cornhusker football experience in its natural state over at The Cornhuskers Did Battle, But I Won the War (a road kill story, lot of pics, and a funny video I captured by this band whose main claim to fame is The Blow Job Song).

Please please please leave me some comments (here, or there, or both!). It really helps me to know what people are thinking, what they’d like me to write about in the future…heck, I live alone, in OMAHA. It’s nice just hearing from people!

Because I’m stupid, I have about 3-5 posts 75% written, collecting dust. I’m banging those bitches out over Thanksgiving, and we’re getting this bitch up and running again.

Tell your friends, bitches! (No seriously. Tell them. Facebook, Digg, Twitter, it’s all just below…)

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