Jordy Clements
Jordy Clements in the studio

My name is Jordy. I'm 28 years old, and you've probably never met anyone like me.

I have two goals in life: to work extremely hard at something I'm passionate about, and to see 80 countries on all seven continents before I die.

Work: I work as the assistant manager of a real estate office in Boston. I've learned a lot about sales here, and led the office in rental volume in each of my first two years. Previously, I lived in Omaha, NE where I co-founded a website domain acquisition and development business. A struggling start-up needs a lot: I wrote content, learned about SEO, grew our Facebook page from 0 fans to 1200+, and sold ad space. It was hard, and looking back on it, there's a lot of things I would have done differently – but I learned a ton.

Travel: I've visited 41 countries on 6 continents. I don't do resorts. My most recent trip was a bicycle tour across 3,000+ km of Eastern Europe. I've had to be organized, self-motivated, flexible, and mentally tough – when work is challenging, sometimes I remember that I've faced greater challenges traveling than I'll ever see in an office.

My skills are the product of these two goals. They're diverse, but centered around sales and written and verbal communication. If you're interested in what I'm good at, see below.

in brief

I'm really good at: writing, selling to clients, connecting with people, SEO, photography, Photoshop/Lightroom

I'm pretty good at: PR, SEM through AdWords/AdSense, HTML/Wordpress, Spanish

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Selected Projects
satellite jones
//, July 2010
//, April 2009
//, March 2010

I wrote and optimized many websites for Satellite Jones, the company I co-founded. We bought domains, sold domains, placed AdSense ads, and used a variety of affiliate links. Our largest project was, a community hub for the city of Omaha. is an example of one of our hundreds of smaller websites.

gundog studios
// Gods and Towers, 2012

I designed six races, 70+ creatures, and created the plot for this Android game, available in the Google Play store. Gods and Towers has been downloaded over 25,000 times in the last year.

additional links
//, February 2010
// Food & Spirits Magazine, Fall 2010
// The Advertiser-News, September 2006
//, January 2010
//, August 2010
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//, July 2010